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       Evil Eye Beads 
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       Venetation Beads 
       Gold Foil - Lampwork 
       Inside Color Bead 
       Silver Foil Lampwork 
       Silver Foil - Furnace Bead 
       African Trade Beads 
       Big Hole Fancy / Venetion 
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       Metal Finding & Chams 
       Tools New
       Wax Cords Round 
       Leather Cord Round 
       Leather Cord Bolo 
       Leather Cord Suede New


       Metal Handcrafts 
       Wooden Handicrafts 


       Lac Bangles 
       Resin Bangle 
       Wooden Bangle 
       Assorted Bangles New
       Necklace All New


       Glass Pendents 
       Bone Pendent 
       Horn & Resign Pendents 
       Ceramic Pendant 
       Sea Shell Pendent 
       Metal Pendant 

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Your search of Beads, Cords,Beaded Jewelry , Jewelry Components and Handcrafts  ends here because we have huge collections of latest designs in all of these items

We manufacturer Glass Beads, Venetian Beads, Lampwork Beads, Foil Beads, Horn Beads, Bone Beads, Pewter Beads, other Metal Beads, Semi precious Beads, Sterling Silver Beads, Sea Shell Beads, Clay Beads, Resin Beads , Ceramic Beads, Pandora Style Beads and many more added regularly

Costume Beaded Jewelry
We have latest design of Beaded Necklace, Bracelets , Earring, Toe chain, etc

Jewelry Components
Leather Cord, Cotton Wax Cord , all kinds Jewelry Fittings , etc.

We carry Wooden, Stone, Brass Showpieces as well as wooden Furniture

  Product of the Week - Leather Cord

*** Note : Putting all items on web site is not possible because of two reason

  1. It can be copied by others
  2. We are regularly adding new design

So if you want some thing witch is not found on our web site, it might be available but not shown on web site, so we request you have any problem or querry contact us at veekayint@gmail.com


 Payment : We now also accept payments through PAYPAL at veekayint@gmail.com    

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